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Our spa on wheels comes to your doorstep to take your pet on a magical journey of relaxation and love. Our promise to you is to create a stress free environment in which we will pamper your pet and tend to their every need.

We understand every pet is different and therefore needs different attention; with our highly trained therapist we give each pet a unique experience with us.

We are proud to be Dubai’s leading mobile grooming company and constantly strive to be bigger and better. No matter the size of the pet or length of the treatment our team puts in their full commitment and dedication to ensure your pet comes home feeling refreshed and relaxed. Our professional therapist offer free consultations to analyse fur and skin conditions in which they then create a grooming plan for your pet. There’s no better place for your fur child to be groomed than Miss Meow and we pride ourselves on our high standards.

Furthermore, we contribute to animal welfare societies in the UAE by supporting #adoptdontshop pet adoption events, feeding and caring for stray cats in Dubai.

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15% Off Full Grooming Packages
15% Off Pet Supplies Online

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Dubai, UAE

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